Samurai SJ 413 1989 REBUILD PROJECT

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Grey Man
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Got muddy boots
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Samurai SJ 413 1989 REBUILD PROJECT

Post by Grey Man » Thu Aug 25, 2022 10:48 am

I have taken over a Samurai SJ413 1989 project that has a 1991 Swift Mk2 DOHC 1.3 GTI engine fitted but none runner at the moment. Hats off to Chris who ran out of time, but has done a sterling job so far. There's some welding to do first followed by electrics to get the engine running. I am struggling to source parts and would be grateful to anyone that can direct me to some good sources. Looking for the following:

Full Exhaust system less manifold (I need to mod the connection to the swift manifold).

Starter motor for the Swift engine.

Radiator, expansion tank, hoses for the Swift engine.

Rear drum to disk conversion and installation of a transmission handbrake.

Any general advice with the above gratefully received.


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Re: Samurai SJ 413 1989 REBUILD PROJECT

Post by ScottieJ » Fri Aug 26, 2022 9:59 pm

Looks like a nice base for a project. Love a tin top!

Should be fine running a stock 1.3 sj rad and header tank with the GTI motor. Just run a good electric fan and make a decent shroud for it. I can see you already have the mounts there for one. I might have a spare header tank, will have a look.
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