How much fork oil

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How much fork oil

Post by Clive » Tue Jun 11, 2024 10:57 pm

Hi Guys

I'm renewing the oil seals and dust covers on a Suzuki GS500 year 2004.
Will 2 litres of 10w oil be enough to do both forks?

Also there is a 7mm allen screw in the bottom of each fork and under it there is a copper washer, on all the videos I've watched it says noting about replacing the copper washers, by not replacing them won't this cause oil leaks when the whole fork assembley is put back together and the bike is in use?

My thanks to anyone who can advise

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Re: How much fork oil

Post by timwilks13 » Wed Jun 12, 2024 10:13 am

Not really a bike man but in general copper washers are used when they're designed to crush slightly and create a seal, everywhere I remove fittings that require copper washers I always replace them.
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