Swivel joints and bearings

Starts at the flywheel, ends at the hubs, any problems along them lines, ask your questions here.
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Got muddy boots
Got muddy boots
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Swivel joints and bearings

Post by Dirtbox » Sun Mar 20, 2022 12:18 pm

Hello All,

Introduced myself in the new member section as the proud owner of a JA11... as you can imagine finding parts is fun and my heart dropped when I saw the swivels had pooped themselves.

Thanks to your handy Tech manuals I've managed to identify my swivels and bearings are the same as the SJ and would appreciate you advice on a few of bits.

1. Do you have a recommendation for a bearing and seal supplier or just go for it with one from the bay?

2. I saw in the manuals 'Suzuki Super Grease' is recommended - is there one you guys recommend and is there a volume?

3. I was going to have a nose in the hubs too. Is there amd recommended gasket supplier and lube for these too?

Advice greatly appreciated

Kind regards


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