Grand vitara starts but won’t run

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Got muddy boots
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Grand vitara starts but won’t run

Post by ScottGv4x4 » Fri Jan 08, 2021 5:10 pm

Happy new year to you all 🍻🎉🥳🎄.

Grand vitara 1.9 58 plate. 😞. Just bought it and driving along motorway heard a clunk losses power but still driving at low speeds. Got home ok and I can hear the turbo whistling away and seems like a blowing noise from exhaust but held hand at exhaust there is a pressure build up. Took for a drive and it’s slightly better after stopping car at house then having a look for ten minutes but it’s really low on power and the turbo is whistling loud. Any ideas appreciated thanks. I’m taking into my garage on Tuesday to do a o s f wheel hub/bearing so if I know what’s wrong with the power loss I could start on that as well.

When I was driving on the motorway the clunk was pretty loud followed by the power loss, seemed to be in limp mode but after sitting ten minutes it drove better but with power loss and the turbo whistling loud. Giving this a double ponder 🤔 🤔 as I’m not a mechanic but do have some experience on servicing cars so hopefully I can fix it.

Thinking the turbo bearings or bearing have collapsed.

I thought a belt had came of when on the motorway I felt the clunk through the accelerator pedal and did shudder the car slightly.

Thanks if you take the time to read this and point me in the correct direction to getting the problem diagnosed and maybe an estimated cost if anyone has had a similar problem.

Thanks 😊.

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Re: Grand vitara starts but won’t run

Post by RichyP » Fri Jan 08, 2021 9:21 pm

With the loss of power and blowing sound could be worth checking if there's a hole in the exhaust system near the manifold end but I'm no mechanic either.

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