Zuwharrie 2018 & Pop Quiz

Know of any events or gatherings happening at your local Pay and play site? let us all know.

Also the place to discuss Green Laning and the responsible use of B.O.A.T.s
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Re: Zuwharrie 2018 & Pop Quiz

Post by Rabid Rhino » Tue Sep 11, 2018 2:05 am

A couple more pics I found on the iPad

A friend with his 33" White Walls and Buick LeSaber Chrome Spoked Wheel Hub Caps which I think look really cool and already has me looking for a set of 31s and any old hub caps off eBay

The obstacle is known as Poser Rock on the Slab Pile Trail
My personalized tyre treads may be cool but they suck for rock crawling especially when compounded by a pair of non-functioning ARBs.

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