Adrian's not so standard, standard sammy

Got an vehicle build underway? post up pictures and tell us all how its going!

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Got muddy boots
Got muddy boots
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Adrian's not so standard, standard sammy

Post by Adrian-S413 » Fri Apr 19, 2019 11:29 am

Soo, I bought a relatively tidy 413 non runner soft top last year. Spent a month or 2 trouble shooting and welding a sloped back onto it. (Similar to the shape of the fast back roofs) she acquired some cheap tyres and a snorkel, a new manifold and a brand new Toyota carb and she was away.

Had some fun in her for a few weeks and really got the feel for the off reading scene again. I later found out after an outing that my radiator had some holes in it, sadly I found this out after the head gasket had decided to take a leave of absence.

So out came the original engine and in went a replacement 1.3 sammy engine. Along with cam belt, water pump and clutch. Oils and filters new plugs, leads, dizzy and fuel lines. Just to be safe.

Once I had her back running I decided go put her into my unit and get the bodywork how I wanted it. The front wings were shot so off they came. Then I accidentally bought some tube, a bender and threw together a tubular front end that I'm very happy with. Whilst I had her in bits I decided that I was going to remove the sloped back and replace it with a more attractive pick up conversion. I decided to take the whole soft top roof and screen off. I found a donor hard top body, Removed the roof and rear door frame and door. All is now welded on and looks alot better. A little bit more filler and some elbow grease and a dribble of paint and that's the roof complete.

I happened across some new leaf springs and upgraded shocks and the SPOA is underway. Along with a full polybush kit to to on.

This will all be followed by a full external roll cage and a winch tray at each end. And whatever else I change along the way, I imagine I'll end up taking lots of ideas from the build friends :brows:

Photos will soon follow
:S: "It will be finished soon" Said every Suzuki owner ever! :S:

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