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New member seeking Infotainment advice

Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2020 11:47 am
by Bobbyling
Hi All,

New member needing help.

Picked up a 2019 Swift with the Bosch Infotainment system. I want to upgrade to having the satnav system available and know I can do that via an SDLA card. However, when I see pictures of the system being used as a guide for buying the card, though it's clearly the same system as mine, the pictures always have the lower left box as labelled "No Guidance". On my system that box is named "Media".

So the question is:
What happens to the 'Media box' when the SDLA card is introduced?
If the 4 boxes remain taken up, as they currently are with 'Radio', 'Phone' (bluetooth), 'USB Phone Connection' and 'Media' how would I access the satnav?

I'm sure this has a simple explanation but I can't find it online and before buying the SDLA card I'd like to know the score.

Many thanks.